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Azores out of the new national law - Mais Habitação

With the news of the Portuguese government producing a new law regulating rentals and local accommodation licenses, I have been contacted by several clients asking if it will apply to the Azores. Yesterday, the Portuguese Prime Minister confirmed in a press conference that the Azores are not included in the new law and therefore it has no applicability in the region. This is good news for investors who intend to invest in the Azores in tourism with the type AL.

View from north shore of São Miguel island

The Azores has always been a strategic location for tourism and will continue to be one of the most attractive regions in Portugal, if not the most attractive region for investment in tourism, given the growth that has been observed and the room for progression that the region has for attracting visitors looking for a safe place, with short and direct flights from several European and American countries for family vacations with stunning nature and many activities to do and enjoy.

All this coupled with property values below the European average means that is expected an increase in demand for properties with characteristics where quality tourism can be developed giving investors the best return.


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