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Surging Tourism: Azores Witness 14.1% Rise in July Overnight Stays

In the month of July, the Azores saw a notable increase in tourism activity, with around 495,000 overnight stays recorded in various tourist accommodations. This marks a significant rise of 14.1% when compared to the same period in the previous year. These figures were provided by the Regional Statistical Service (SREA) in their recently released estimates.

According to a publication on SREA's website, the Tourism Indicator anticipates that July witnessed approximately 495,000 overnight stays in tourist accommodations across the entire region. This data encompasses stays in traditional hotels, rural tourism destinations, and local lodgings.

The tourism activity report for July 2022 from SREA revealed that the region observed a total of 433,772 overnight stays during that month. This number had already exceeded the figures from June 2019 (391,201), indicating a recovery from the pre-COVID-19 period.

Comparing the estimates for June 2023 with those of June 2022, SREA's projections point to a growth rate of 14.1%.

When contrasted with June 2019, the increase becomes even more pronounced at 26.5%, which translates to a difference exceeding 100,000 overnight stays.

Furthermore, the publication sheds light on the passenger arrivals at Azores airports during July. These arrivals comprised 106,834 passengers from flights originating in mainland Portugal and Madeira, along with 46,527 passengers from international flights.

According to data previously disclosed by SREA, the Azores experienced year-over-year monthly growth rates of 9% in inter-island flights, 10.9% in flights to and from mainland Portugal and Madeira, and 14.2% in international flights.

SREA explains that the Tourism Indicator (IT) is designed to provide an overview of the overall economic evolution within the tourism sector in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

As outlined in the publication, the IT-Azores is derived from aggregating estimates of overnight stays across three categories of tourist accommodations. This data is typically released approximately three weeks prior to the publication of the Tourism Activity highlight.

The estimation process for overnight stays in hotels, rural tourism sites, and local lodgings involves utilizing data gathered from the Guest Stay Survey in Hotels and other accommodations. Additionally, trends are extrapolated based on the expected response rate for each respective case.

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